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SEC Filings

RLJ LODGING TRUST filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2019
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Property Operating Expenses The components of our property operating expenses are as follows:
Room expense — These expenses include housekeeping and front office wages and payroll taxes, reservation systems, room supplies, laundry services and other room-related costs. Like room revenue, occupancy is the major driver of room expense. These costs can increase based on an increase in salaries and wages, as well as the level of service and amenities that are provided at the hotel property.
Food and beverage expense — These expenses primarily include food, beverage and labor costs. Occupancy and the type of customer staying at the hotel (i.e., catered functions are generally more profitable than restaurant, bar, and other food and beverage outlets that are located on the hotel property) are the major drivers of food and beverage expense, which correlates closely with food and beverage revenue.
Management and franchise fee expense — A base management fee is computed as a percentage of gross hotel revenues. An incentive management fee is typically paid when the hotel's operating income exceeds certain thresholds, and it is generally calculated as a percentage of hotel operating income after we have received a priority return on our investment in the hotel. A franchise fee is computed as a percentage of room revenue, plus an additional percentage of room revenue for marketing, central reservation systems and other franchisor costs. Certain hotels will also pay an additional franchise fee which is computed as a percentage of food and beverage revenue. For a more in depth discussion of the management and franchise fees, please refer to the "Our Hotel Properties — Management Agreements" and "Our Hotel Properties — Franchise Agreements" sections.
Other operating expense — These expenses include labor and other costs associated with the sources of our other revenue, as well as the labor and other costs associated with the administrative departments, sales and marketing, repairs and maintenance, and utility costs at the hotel properties.
Most categories of variable operating expenses, including labor costs, fluctuate with changes in occupancy. Increases in occupancy are accompanied by increases in most categories of variable operating expenses, while increases in ADR typically only result in increases in certain categories of operating costs and expenses, such as management fees, franchise fees, travel agency commissions, and credit card processing fees, all of which are based on hotel revenues. Therefore, changes in ADR have a more significant impact on operating margins than changes in occupancy.

2018 Significant Activities
Our significant activities reflect our commitment to creating long-term shareholder value through enhancing our hotel portfolio's quality, recycling capital and maintaining a prudent capital structure. During the year ended December 31, 2018, the following significant activities took place:

In January 2018, we modified our $400.0 million term loan initially due in 2019, our $225.0 million term loan initially due in 2019, and our $150 million term loan due in 2022. We extended the maturity for both the $400.0 million term loan and the $225.0 million term loan to January 2023, and we improved the overall pricing for each of the modified term loans.

In February 2018, we sold the Embassy Suites Boston Marlborough in Marlborough, Massachusetts for $23.7 million.

In March 2018, we completed the early redemption of the senior secured notes in full for an aggregate principal amount of $524.0 million.

In March 2018, we sold the Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for $95.5 million.

In July 2018, we sold the Embassy Suites Napa Valley in Napa, California for $102.0 million.

In August 2018, we sold the DoubleTree Hotel Columbia in Columbia, Maryland for $12.9 million.

In August 2018, we sold The Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida for $185.0 million.

In September 2018, we sold the DoubleTree by Hilton Burlington Vermont in Burlington, Vermont for $35.0 million.

In October 2018, we sold the Holiday Inn San Francisco - Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, California for $75.3 million.


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