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SEC Filings

RLJ LODGING TRUST filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2019
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The franchise agreements also provide for termination at the applicable franchisor's option upon the occurrence of certain events, including the failure to pay royalties and fees, the failure to perform our obligations under the franchise license, bankruptcy and the abandonment of the franchise, or a change in control. The TRS lessee is responsible for making all payments under the applicable franchise agreement to the franchisor; however, we are required to guarantee the obligations under each of the franchise agreements. In addition, many of our existing franchise agreements provide the franchisor with a right of first offer in the event of certain sales or transfers of a hotel and provide the franchisor the right to approve a change in the management company who manages the hotel.

TRS Leases

In order for us to qualify as a REIT, neither our company nor any of our subsidiaries may directly or indirectly operate any of our hotels. The subsidiaries of the Operating Partnership, as the lessors, lease our hotels to our TRS lessees, which, in turn, are the parties to the existing management agreements with the third-party management companies at each of our hotels. The TRS leases contain the provisions that are described below. For the hotels that are acquired in the future, we intend for the leases to contain substantially similar provisions as to those described below; however, we may, in our discretion, alter any of these provisions with respect to any particular lease.

Lease Terms

Our TRS leases have initial terms that range from three to five years and a majority of the leases can be renewed by our TRS lessees for three successive five-year renewal terms unless the lessee is in default at the expiration of the then-current term. In addition, our TRS leases are subject to early termination by us in the event that we sell the hotel to an unaffiliated party, a change in control occurs or the applicable provisions of the Code are amended to permit us to operate our hotels. Our TRS leases are also subject to early termination upon the occurrence of certain events of default and/or other contingencies described in the lease.

Amounts Payable under the Leases

During the term of each TRS lease, our TRS lessees are obligated to pay us a fixed annual base rent plus a percentage rent and certain other additional charges that our TRS lessees agree to pay under the terms of the respective TRS lease. The percentage rent is calculated based on the revenues generated from the rental of guest rooms, food and beverage sales, and certain other sources, including meeting room and movie rentals.

The TRS leases require our TRS lessees to pay rent, all costs and expenses, management fees, franchise fees, personal property taxes, certain insurance policies and all utility and other charges incurred in the operation of the hotels. The leases also provide for rent reductions and abatements in the event of damage to, destruction, or a partial taking of, any hotel.

All of the above mentioned intercompany transactions eliminate in consolidation.

Maintenance and Modifications

Under each TRS lease, the TRS lessee may, at its expense, make additions, modifications or improvements to the hotel that it deems desirable, and that we approve. In addition, our TRS lessees are required, at their expense, to maintain the hotels in good order and repair, except for ordinary wear and tear, and to make repairs that may be necessary and appropriate to keep the hotel in good order and repair. Under the TRS lease, we are responsible for maintaining, at our cost, any underground utilities or structural elements, including the exterior walls and the roof of the hotel (excluding, among other things, windows and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems). Each TRS lessee, when and as required to meet the standards of the applicable management agreement, any applicable hotel franchise agreement, or to satisfy the requirements of any lender, must establish an FF&E reserve in an amount equal to up to 5% of gross revenue for the purpose of periodically repairing, replacing or refurbishing the furnishings and equipment.

Events of Default

The events of default under each of the leases include, among others: the failure by a TRS lessee to pay rent when due; the breach by a TRS lessee of a covenant, condition or term under the lease, subject to the applicable cure period; the bankruptcy or insolvency of a TRS lessee; cessation of operations by a TRS lessee of the leased hotel for more than 30 days, except as a result of damage, destruction, or a partial or complete condemnation; or the default by a TRS lessee under a franchise agreement subject to any applicable cure period.


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